Dental and Cosmetic Treatments

We provide services in all areas of dentistry: exams, x-rays, cleaning, preventative or restorative work, with a particular emphasis on Implants,Veneers, Teeth Whitening and Orthocosmetics. Our goal is to enhance that all-important smile – be it through simple bleaching, veneering, lumineers or orthodontics – or indeed a combination of both the latter two i.e. Orthocosmetics.

Computer Imaging

Our practice specialises in Orthocosmetic Treatments to help patients achieve the dentition or smile they’ve always wanted. Through a procedure called Computer Imaging we can even build a realistic picture of anticipated results for you of various options to view prior to committing to any treatment. And if cost is a concern, we can help arrange payment plans to suit you.

Deep Bleaching

We also offer Deep Bleaching, as pioneered by Rod Kurthy, which achieves the WOW! effect for those who want really white teeth. © 2018. All rights reserved | Web Design by Irish Web Experts