Invisalign Treatment – Invisible Braces

Our clinic happy to inform our would be patients that we are now an Invisalign practice.

The Invisalign system is the ultimate orthodontic system for those seeking an aligner and arch development orthodontic system to beautify their smiles, create healthy well developed jaws and overall improve healthy well-being. And all of this can be achieved in, as the blurb says truthfully, in a user friendly invisible way, using a series of specially designed invisible trays, which you the patient changes at home every two weeks. Changing the invisible tooth fitting trays every two weeks gently but forcibly moves teeth and jaw arch into a final beautifully aesthetically alignment which follows a definite computer generated stepped plan to achieve the beautiful result. Because it is planned digitally all stages of the treatment and the ultimate result can be viewed before commencing treatment.

No other orthodontically modality offers the above advantages and what’s more the Invisalign company guarantees this final result. The only treatment modality that comes close to offering the same level of satisfactory outcome would be the Damon System of fixed orthodontics ,and the Invisalign has two decided advantages over the Damon System. It is totally invisible in use, and of course because the trays can be removed at any juncture, oral hygiene maintenance is not a problem. Oral hygiene maintenance and brackets falling off and having to be re-bonded are only some of the problems associated with fixed train tracks, but are totally absent with the Invisalign System.

Further information is readily available on the Invisalign site. If you think you would like to be assessed for Invisalign treatment, or any other modality of orthodontic treatment, please speak to our friendly staff and you will be offered a complimentary first assessment appointment.

Orthodontic treatment does carry a cost, which we endeavour to keep to a minimum so as to help our patients achieve their dreams of a beautiful smile, whilst positively improving their physiological health by developing their underdeveloped arches and airway. We are pleased to inform potential patients that we offer a stepped payment process to lessen the financial exigency. It is worth noting also, that all orthodontic orthopaedic treatment is eligible for a 20% Med 2 refund.

Dr Liam has over the years apart from his work as a General Dental practitioner providing root canals, crowns, veneers, and implants developed a special interest in orthodontics and orthopaedics. In order to better help his patients in this area he has attended many postgraduate courses in this field both in Ireland and abroad so that he competently provide patients with a good standard of treatment for those seeking his help for their orthodontic problems. Naturally there may be times when he may advise his patients that they may be better off seeking the advice of a fully trained and qualified Orthodontist. © 2018. All rights reserved | Web Design by Irish Web Experts