Dental Veneers

We offer extremely affordable, beautifully made and perfectly fitting top-of-the-range Da Vinci style porcelain veneers, from our conveniently located Cosmetic Dentistry centres in Dublin and Galway. Dr. Liam has extensive experience with veneers, having worked with them since they first became available in 1985, and has since treated hundreds of satisfied patients. He has finessed his skills in this aspect of Dental Cosmetics through participating in postgraduate porcelain veneer courses with the world’s leading experts, both in Europe and the U.S.

Why Veneers?

Veneers are a very effective minimally-invasive way for permanently improving the appearance of your teeth. Essentially, custom–built, paper thin porcelain coverings are bonded to your existing teeth, giving you the instant appearance of natural looking, aesthetically perfect teeth. If your existing teeth have appearance issues, such as: permanent stains (that can’t be removed by whitening); chips, crookedness; rotations; inter-teeth spaces; or a mixture of all these issues, then veneers are the ultra-modern, conservative solution, for you.

Check out the links below to see some of the great results that we believe illustrate the essence of Orthocosmetics as practiced Dr. Liam Ó Droma:

Over Crowding of Front Teeth-Solved with Veneers
Gap Between Front Teeth-Solved with Veneers
Discoloured Teeth – Solved with Veneers

Are Veneers Expensive?

A large amount of highly specialist work is required to make accurately fitting and natural looking aesthetic veneers, but, in these budget-conscious times, we guarantee to offer very competitive prices for the best quality product, including substantial discounts for multiple veneer treatments. All our veneers come with a comprehensive five-year guarantee.

How will the Process Work?

We follow a five step process:
1. Free Initial Cosmetic Consultation
We will examine your smile and discuss your options (for free). As an additional service, we can create a complete computer image from an Intra Oral photo of your mouth. This will enable us to achieve a very fine image of the end result we could expect if your teeth were to be veneered. At the end of this process you will be provided with a quotation.

2. Diagnostic Session
We will take impressions of your mouth and build a model of your teeth. This will give you a strong sense of how your teeth will look in the end and enable us to make any necessary adjustments so as to deliver what you want out of this.

3. Fitting of Provisional Veneers
After your teeth have been finely modified to take the final veneers, we will fit a set of interim veneers that will hide this preparatory work. These provisional veneers are designed in such a way so as to closely match the final permanent veneers. This will allow you ample opportunity to gauge whether or not you are totally happy with the proposed changes. Any changes or alterations you may desire can then be conveyed to our specialist ceramist, who will incorporate them into the permanent veneers. This step in the tooth veneering protocol that we follow on our Dental Cosmetic centre in Howth absolutely guarantees, as our case studies bear out, a highly satisfactory result.

4. Fitting of Actual Veneers
We will generally fit, two to three weeks later, your unique ceramic veneers, beautifully created by our highly trained ceramist.

5. You will smile!

What do I do next?

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