Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial teeth that are ‘implanted’ into your jaw. The total cost of providing the dental implant, including the crowns, is €1,700 in the vast majority of cases.

To ensure quality we use Bicon or Ankylos Implants, the very best in implant systems. To further ensure the utmost in patient care, Dr. Liam has undertaken numerous courses over the years which include achieving a Post Graduate Certificate in Implant Dentistry from Warwick University. He is also a full member of the Association of Dental Implantlogy (A.D.I.).

Implants are well established treatment option with a scientifically tested and documented long term success rate. As implants are typically made of titanium they are easily accepted by your body. The implants are used to replace the root structure of the tooth and once the bone has fused to the titanium they are used to anchor single tooth crowns, multi-unit bridges and the increasingly ever popular implant retained overdentures.

Overdentures are removable dentures that are retained by implants (see image to the right). They are ahighly effective and cost effective way of restoring big edentulous gaps. Overdentures are particularly recommended for retaining and stabilizing loose lower dentures. Crucially, they can also halt bone resorption. This latter factor means overdentures are medically recommended for overall health, and hence part-fundable by the V.H. I. The cost for an implant retained lower denture with two implants starts from €970.

How do dental implants rate alongside other treatments in value for money?

Dental implants are very cost effective and have a very high success rate of over 90%. Not only are dental implants a permanent solution at a low cost but they won’t compromise any healthy adjacent teeth and they also preserve the jaw bone which maintains the shape of the face.

Is the treatment painful?

Contrary to expectation, implant insertion is usually an easy and painless procedure, largely because bone, unlike teeth, does not contain any nerve tissue. Very occasionally there can be some swelling and discomfort; however, this can be easily alleviated with post-operative medication, which we will give you, if necessary.

What do I do next?

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They are of course through the various clip-on systems invaluable for securely retaining dentures and make loose lower dentures a thing of the past. The good news for those apprehensive patients a little squeamish about surgery involved will be delighted to be made aware that there is now available a new modality for the MIMI (Memory Invasive Implantation Insertion) and they are available with the Champion Implant System from Germany ( using this technique the scalpel stays in the drawer and no sutures are required. Obviously, the implant is still inserted into the bone but unlike teeth is not highly innovative i.e. very few nerves in it and therefore the procedure will therefore be totally comfortable and easy. Many people would like to have implants but are apprehensive about the surgical procedure involved which is a shame because they are definitely the ultimate procedure available for not only replacing missing teeth but for retaining the jaw bone also and therefore the shape of one’s face. © 2018. All rights reserved | Web Design by Irish Web Experts