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Are dental veneers are a good investment to deal with discoloured teeth?

If your teeth have been permanently discoloured and are misshapen then dental veneers are, in my opinion, a good investment. I would recommend porcelain veneers, they have been available since…

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Dental Implants can Help You to Smile with Confidence

Implants are well established treatment option with a scientifically tested and documented long term success rate. As implants are typically made of titanium they are easily accepted by your body….

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How Porcelain Veneers can change your smile instantly

At our Howth Dental Cosmetic Clinic our patients often challenge us to effect not only orthodontic changes but aesthetic mould changing improvements using Porcelain Veneers. The before and after photos display the typical aesthetic…

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Crowns with the Latest Zirconia Material

Doing crowns with the latest Zirconia material which is a dense extremely strong pure porcelain material has decided advantages as a crown material. Minimal reduction and preparation of the tooth…

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Orthopeadic/Orthodontic Treatment

We have many examples of orthodontics treatment cases here in Howth. We have one case demonstrating that with modern fixed train track self ligation orthodontics teeth are not only straightened but the jaw is also developed into that nice wide…

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