Practice Mission Statement For Orthodontic/Orthopaedic

In his practice Dr Liam and his team have a great interest in providing orthodontic treatments for his patients who need and want it corrective orthodontic and orthopaedics to improve facial appearance and jaw function.

By dental orthopaedics I am alluding to the fact that our clinical approach to correcting dental crowding is primarily directed towards avoiding extractions and tooth reduction by orthopedically developing the usual crowded and underdeveloped First World jaw (ie genetically inherited as a result of centuries of masticating soft processed foodstuff )to its full genetic potential……….using functional orthopaedic appliances-be they fixed as in the Damon System of self-litigation using Super Elastic Elastic light force arch wires, or removable arch developer appliances sometimes called Schwarz Appliance. Which fit snugly and invisibly into palate and incorporate a screw device which the patient activates by turning twice weekly and which then gently and unobtrusively enlarge the palate over a period of a few months .Each turn equals about a quarter millimetre of expansion .That however equals 2mm a month or an arch expansion of whole central tooth width 8mm in 4 months .Unlike devices sometimes used in young patients the gentle arch expansion allows these devices to be used effectively for any age group .They make it the ideal choice of treatment for those adults who wish to improve their appearance and jaw function but who don’t want to use a Fixed in modality based on Train tracks.

I might conclude by clarifying that the arch line of the underdeveloped jaw usually is a V shaped Gothic form whereas by jaw development what we are aiming to achieve is that nice rounded Roman arch form.

The effect and treatment aim of these appliances is to enable the patient achieve a fully developed arch and therefore attractive full smile, as we all have the potential to achieve without those dark tunnel spaces evident at the start of treatment and sometimes even made worse when with a purely orthodontic approach relying primarily only on extraction and or stripping between the teeth to achieve arch alignment.

Developing arches orthopedically, which is our primary approach, not only results in a full pleasing arch and smile appearance not in any way diminished or contracted, but also develops the archway to make room for the tongue to correctly position itself as thus achieving facial function. I might mention also by widening the palate the nasal structures are also developed thus greatly improving the nasal airway and its important function.

Apart from simple jaw development, another prime concern of my practice is to help any of my patients suffering the consequences of misaligned jaws .The classic appearance of a very common type of jaw alignment is that Bugs Bunny look. Often wrongly treated particularly in the past by the extraction and retraction modality resulting in that dished in orthodontic face.

With our clinical approach we aim to eliminate the disabling symptoms of this condition such as mouth breathing ,mal position of the tongue in the oral cavity ,disfiguring vulnerable protruding front teeth is primarily based on a functional orthopaedic modality whereby we correct the main causative factor of this malocclusion and that is the retruded lower jaw whilst simultaneously developing the upper jaw which always in this malalignment situation needs that.

In my practice I use two main methods of jaw alignment and concurrent corrective arch line development.
Especially practical for that very young patient of 7 years and upwards suffering physically and unfortunately often socially from that ugly Bugs Bunny appearance we can offer a remarkably effective orthopaedic jaw correction removable appliance called the Twin Block .Especially useful for treatment in the missed dentition phase of growth it can be also be used successfully if so wished to treat for Adults of any age who have underdeveloped and misaligned jaws and their associated symptoms Further information is easily googled Clarke Twin Block Dental Orthopaedic Functional Device.

The overall cost for Twin Block therapy, the overall cost of this including post treatment maintenance depending on complexity, varies from €1,970 to €2,170.

The other method we generally use is fixed in and is called the Advance-Sync (from Ormco, which can be Googled) it is used in conjunction with fixed Train Tracks Orthodontics. The train track system we usually use is the self-ligation Damon System. The overall price for this fixed in option is specially reduced price between € 3,270 and € 3,570 depending on whether metal or tooth coloured porcelain brackets are used which includes all x-rays and post retainers.

The above treatments are eligible for a 20% tax refund from the Revenue on presentation or the Med2 form which we fill in for you.

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