Are dental veneers are a good investment to deal with discoloured teeth?

If your teeth have been permanently discoloured and are misshapen then dental veneers are, in my opinion, a good investment.

I would recommend porcelain veneers, they have been available since 1985 and offer the unique advantage of never staining.

Whilst, providing crowns may have the same effect there is far more tooth scarified as the tooth is totally enveloped, whereas, with veneers the tooth preparation can be as low .3 mm and in some cases if it is a question of bringing the tooth into the arch, virtually no preparation is required. There is a misconception out there about the longevity of veneers, but a properly bonded veneer should last for decades, not just for years. The technology used for bonding veneers to the teeth is similar to that used for bonding train tracks to children’s teeth. Children have the ability to test braces to their limits, but the fact that debonding of the brackets does not occur should give you some idea of the strong adhesion.

Before the advent of the new technology in orthodontics, such as Invisalign and 6 month smile changing technology using tooth coloured brackets and tooth coloured arch wire, a lot more veneers were being done purely for orthodontic reasons.

This new orthodontic technology offers a great option for making orthodontic transformations without relying on artificial means such as porcelain veneers. However, there is definitely a place for veneers. No amount of orthodontics is going to change the shape of a tooth or get rid of certain kinds of discolouration. Veneers are great for people who want an instant transformation on multiple or single teeth.

If you are concerned about how the dental veneers will finally look, your dentist should be able to provide you with following two possibilities in order to settle any nerves. Firstly, a pre-treatment computerized photo imaging projection will give you a good idea of what you can expect, the photo is remarkably accurate. Secondly during the interim period after preparation the provisional’s provided can be made attractive and realistic enough to simulate the final result. If the appearance of these provisional’s are not quite what is desired, they can then be adapted and the changes conveyed to the dental ceramist prior to fabrication of the porcelain veneers.

Finally, veneers should come with a five year guarantee. This guarantee should be included as part of the pricing and should clearly explained to the patient prior to the commencement of treatment.

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